Hanna Community Center

2000 Elmwood Ave Suite A


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Healthy Communities of Clinton County 

12/14/17     10:30am-1:00pm

Free Health Screens

12/15/17     10:30am-12:00pm

Obesity Presentation @ WIC

12/18/17     11:00am

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Health Screens

Day: Every Friday

​Time: 10:30am-12pm

​Check your BMI, Weight, Skeletal Muscle, Viscera Fat, Blood Pressure

​Health Screens offered at other times, you would need to make an appointment.


Upcoming Events

Health Presentations

Health Initiative Program

Minority Health Coalition of Tippecanoe County



  • 1. Eating Healthy on a budget
  • 2. Enjoy healthy food that tastes good
  • 3. Making healthy eating part of your lifestyle
  • 4. Physical activity is key to living well
  • 5. Quick healthy meals and snacks
  • 6. Tips for losing weight and keeping it off
  • 7. Land use and public places

Oral Health

  • 1. Tobacco Cessation
  • 2. Take care your teeth

Heart Disease

  • 1. Heart attack and emergency care
  • 2. Know stroke
  • 3. Get your blood pressure checked



  • 1. Land use and Public Places

Oral Health

  • 1. Take care of your teeth
  • 2. Take care of your teeth teens

Heart Disease

  • 1. None at this time

For more information contact:
Jaqueline Varela
Health  Coordinator
Minority Health Coalition of Tippecanoe County



Referral services and follow-up
is also available to ensure that individuals have adequate access to needed services in the community.


Education and Awareness Activities:

Health  Fairs, Mental Illness, Immunizations, Obesity, Environmental Health, Heart Disease, Oral Health, Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, Diabetes,  and Health Screens.




  • Operation Fit Kids
  • Eat, Play and Grow
  • Media Smart Youth
  • ​WE CAN!

​Oral Health

  • Shining Smiles
  • ​A Lifetime Healthy Smiles
  • Teeth to Treasure
  • ​Watch your Mouth



Prevention Programs

Our Mission


  • Eat, Play, Grow
  • ​WE CAN!


​​Heart Disease and Oral Health

  • ​​None at this time​​



Our objective is to target racial and ethnic minorities in  the Greater Lafayette Area and its surrounding communities. Hanna’s Health Initiative along with Indiana Minority Health Coalition are committed to  supporting programs and services that will reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in Tippecanoe County and improve health outcomes within those groups. Target population are African American, Hispanic/Latino and our two most vulnerable groups, Seniors and children.