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Summer At Hanna

Fun. Education. Growth. Friendship. Hanna.

Our summer programming is designed to provide youth with a fun and educational summer experience. With a focus on personal growth and development, our programming offers a balance of exciting field trips, hands-on workshops, and engaging activities. Our experienced team of educators and counselors are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for youth to explore their interests, learn new skills, and develop lasting friendships. Whether your child is interested in science, the arts, or simply having fun, our programming has something for everyone.

Summer Enrollment Open Until May 15th

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of our summer programming at Hanna. Not only do they provide an opportunity for youth to have fun and explore new places, but they also offer unique educational experiences that can't be replicated in the classroom. Through our field trips, youth are able to engage with their surroundings and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the world around them. Our team carefully selects field trip destinations that are not only fun, but also offer educational value that complements our programming. Whether it's visiting a museum, going to a park, or exploring a new city, field trips are an essential component of our summer programming and offer youth a chance to learn and grow in new and exciting ways.



Gardening is an excellent summer activity for youth, and at Hanna, we believe in the many benefits that it provides. Gardening offers a fun and interactive way for youth to connect with nature, develop important life skills, and learn about sustainability. Through gardening, youth learn about the different types of plants, how to care for them, and the importance of healthy eating. They also gain a greater appreciation for the environment and the role that they can play in protecting it. Gardening can also be a great way to promote physical activity and reduce stress, while fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in one's work. At Hanna, we're passionate about providing youth with hands-on gardening experiences that help them connect with the natural world and develop important life skills.


Financial Literacy

Purdue Federal Credit Union's financial literacy program is a crucial part of our summer programming at Hanna. At a young age, youth are developing financial habits that can last a lifetime. That's why it's important to provide them with the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Through Purdue Federal Credit Union's financial literacy program, youth are able to learn about topics such as budgeting, saving, and investing. These valuable skills help youth make informed decisions that will benefit them throughout their lives. By participating in this program, youth gain a better understanding of the importance of financial responsibility and are better equipped to achieve their financial goals. At Hanna, we're proud to partner with Purdue Federal Credit Union to offer this valuable program to our youth and prepare them for a successful financial future.


Career Education

The Hanna Community Center offers career education classes that focus on the job market of today and introduce children to new career possibilities. These classes are designed to give young people an understanding of the skills and education needed for various careers, and to introduce them to volunteer professionals who are currently working in those fields. Through these classes, students learn about the range of careers available to them and the steps they need to take to achieve their career goals. They also learn about the importance of networking and building professional relationships, as they meet and engage with professionals from different industries. By providing young people with exposure to different career options, the program helps them to make informed decisions about their futures and to identify their strengths and interests. 

Outdoor/Park Time

Getting outside daily is an essential part of our summer programming at Hanna. Spending time in nature offers a range of physical and mental health benefits that can positively impact youth development. For example, outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and playing sports promote physical activity and help youth maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being outside also offers an opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the environment. In addition, spending time outdoors can have a positive impact on mental health by reducing stress, increasing feelings of happiness and relaxation, and boosting self-esteem. At Hanna, we're passionate about providing youth with opportunities to explore the outdoors and reap the many benefits it offers. We believe that by encouraging youth to get outside daily, we can promote their overall health and wellbeing, while fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder about the natural world.

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Fun & Play

At Hanna, we believe that having fun is an important part of our summer programming. Parties and other fun activities offer a break from structured learning and allow youth to connect with each other and enjoy themselves in a positive and supportive environment. Fun activities like parties can also foster a sense of community and belonging, which is crucial for youth development. Additionally, having fun is important for mental health and overall wellbeing. Youth who participate in fun activities are more likely to feel happy, relaxed, and less stressed. At Hanna, we strive to provide a balance of fun and educational activities that promote personal growth and development. By having fun in ways like parties, youth are able to create positive memories and build lasting relationships that will benefit them for years to come.

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