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Our Mission

The mission of the Hanna Community Center is to improve the well-being and quality of life of the community by providing quality programs, services and community interactions for the neighborhood, we serve young people and older adults. Continuing with our mission, we seek to celebrate traditions throughout the Greater Lafayette area while preserving the culture, heritage and history of African Americans and minority groups within Tippecanoe County. 

Our Vision

The vision of the Hanna Community Center is to achieve financial stability, create an environment of excellence in the leadership and core functions at the center, forge relationships and collaboration with other agencies that are addressing issues in the Hanna neighborhood, influence transition of the neighborhood through the relocation of the Hanna Community Center, and improve the quality and capabilities of programming at the Hanna Community Center facility. 

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Youth Programs

Our mission is to provide Hanna's youth with programs that will enhance their quality of life by providing a positive and nurturing experience that allows for the development of their own individual character in a safe and fun environment. Through community partnerships, we offer our youth Purdue-based STEM programming, homework monitoring, dance, music and so much more at no additional cost to parents.

Senior Programs

The Hanna Senior Program not only offers a gathering place for seniors in the community, but a wellness center where seniors can exercise in a comfortable environment on senior-friendly exercise equipment. Along with exercise, we offer health programs that focus on important topics like diabetes, heart health, nutrition, and balance. ​

We provide many programs and social events geared toward seniors such as card playing, day trips, bingo, musical programs and many more! We partner with local businesses to provide guest speakers to discuss topics like senior safety, Medicare, and more!



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